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8:30 - 9am : Greetings & Independent Free Play

Children are greeted as they arrive at school and participate in free play. The children choose from a variety of activities including reading, blocks, dramatic play, and building.


9 - 9:30am : Toy Room & Puzzles

Children are invited to construct puzzles and spend time participating in group free play with other children in the Toy Room.


9:30 - 10am : Enrichment Class

During Enrichment Class, children are broken down into smaller groups where they will learn the daily lesson plan.  During this time children will share and participate in storytelling, songs, drama and educational games reflecting the weekly theme.


10 - 10:20am : Snack Time

Snacks are provided by the school and typically consist of crackers and juice.


10:20 - 10:50am : Music and Rhythmics

Songs, games, and musical instruments are used to encourage children's self-expression and familiarity with music and rhythmics.  It also always children to use fine and gross motor skills in a participatory, encouraging environment.


10:50 - 11:30am : Outdoor Free Play

Weather permitting, outdoor activities include gross-motor play on climbing structures, wheel toys, sandbox play, sports play, painting and arts and crafts.


11:30 - 12pm : Indoor Free Play

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