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The Pilsbury School Pre-Kindergarten Program prepares our students for kindergarten and their early primary years by providing the skills that they need to succeed.  The foundation for learning is set in our Nursery and Preschool programs. Children are prepared to enter the Pre-K program at the age of four. 


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Skills Development

The Pilsbury Pre-K Program's emphasis is on the development of each student's pre-math, pre-reading and pre-writing skills. 



Each week of the Pre-K calendar year has a corresponding letter of the alphabet.  This allows the Pre-K teachers to introduce students to the alphabet one letter at a time. Children will be taught to recognize upper and lower-case letters, identify the sound of each letter, and distinguish words that begin with particular letters.  Children will also learn the correct pencil grasp and will begin tracing and drawing letters.


Language skills will also be bolstered by student's participation in the Pre-K art and music lessons, daily story time, and the introduction to sign language.



Children will learn how to count to 20 and beyond and will be taught the use and need for numbers through: the use of shapes, written numerals, and distinguishing sets of greater, lesser, or equal value.



The Pilsbury Pre-K schedule includes; outdoor and indoor play, daily music and art lessons, calendar activities, small dexterity activities and Enrichment Class. 


Enrichment Class

Each day includes a key time slot for a Pre-K academic Enrichment Class, where the children are grouped in small classes with one of our experienced and well-trained Pre-K teachers.


The Pre-K Enrichment Class revolves around the development of language, vocabulary and literacy.  Here teachers emphasize the development of problem solving and reasoning skills including: critical thinking, recall, application, and evaluation of knowledge. 


Students will also develop an awareness of the local community and communities near and far, including an introduction to our 50 states and the world around us. Each week our Enrichment Class corresponds with a particular theme.

Pilsbury School Pre-K Staff
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