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The Pilsbury Preschool Program is an important transitional step for your child.  Preschool-age children have become accustomed to a school environment and their peers and are ready to grow individually, both academically and socially.


Enrichment Class

The Preschool Program’s Enrichment Class is broken down into two smaller groups, headed by one of our experienced and well-trained Preschool teachers. Our lesson plan corresponds with a weekly theme with the emphasize on teaching students about the world around them.  Students will learn about transportation, occupations, people, places and things through our literature-based curriculum.


Children will also learn shapes, colors (both primary and secondary), patterns, grouping, recognition and identifying letters and numbers, and will form the foundation for reading and math readiness.


Art & Music

Art projects and music are an essential part of our school day and coincide with the Preschool's weekly themes.  Our music and movement class encourages children’s self-expression and group participation. 

Each day children have the opportunity to use various forms of art mediums including: painting at the easel, coloring, music, dance, and teacher-directed art projects. 


Lunch & Beyond/Structured Activities

The Preschool Program highlights creative play and activities as a means of self-expression, bolstering social and communication skills, and developing gross and fine motor skills. Creative Play, both structured and free play, sparks each student’s imagination and creativity.


Activities include outdoor play, dress-up, reading, sandbox, blocks, legos, cars, puzzles, number and alphabet games, and sports (basketball and soccer – outside)

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